About our company
The GROUND STUDIOS were founded in 2000 by Martin Fiege, Peter and Michael Marszalek Plängsken in Düsseldorf and were quickly able to make make a name for themselves in the DCC area. After the initial setup as a pure 3D service provider for all digital media, the specialization as a provider of complex character animation and visual effects for the marketing, advertising and entertainment area took place.

Its clients include film and post production houses, advertising agencies and direct clients in the industry. In the broad field of interactive media and the entertainment industry, complex cinematics and cut scenes are being produced. Even assets for international Game productions are being created. Since 2009 the range of services has been extended to visual effects for the feature film sector. This field of business is gaining more and more in importance and and will be expanded continuously.

The customers of the GROUND STUDIOS appreciate the short distances during production,
the personal care, the quality and the relentless adherence to deadlines.
What we offer

Visual Effects, Cinematics, Animations, Simulations
Modeling, Texturing, Shading
Lighting, Rigging, Tracking,
Rendering, Compositing, Postproduction

All of the services mentioned here are used as a combined solution or even partially (as required)
for the implementation of complex productions.

The GROUND STUDIOS also offer to assist customers in their own productions in certain areas.