Individual projects require individual solutions
In the framework of the implementation of our projects we use Windows-based systems with proven software tools. Our most important programs in the 3D field is 3ds Max in combination with numerous extensions for animation, visual effects and rendering, and Maya for use in high-end character animations. Some projects still require solutions that even these software packages do not provide "out of the box". In such cases, necessary tools and functions are developed by ourselves.

Autodesk - 3ds max
Autodesk - maya
Autodesk - softimage
Cebas - finalRender
Cebas - thinkingParticles
Chaos Group - Vray
Sitni Sati - FumeFX
Cyber Radiance - Hairfarm
eyeon Software - Fusion
Andersson Technologies - SynthEyes
and more...
Beta testing

Support for development of software
As a beta tester for many years for CEBAS VISUAL TECHNOLOGY, we are able to test software like finalRender or thinkingParticles in our production environment early. The experience gained will be passed on to the developers and converted into the latest features, which we directly feed into our productions and offer them to our customers.
Developments and demos

This extension for Cebas finalRender serves as an independent manager to create complex setups for Render-Elements. The graphical (node based) design simplifies the placement of the element-specific include / exclude functions and helps with regard to clarity.
SAM Character Rig (3ds Max)
This is a scalable "custom" rig for character animation in 3ds Max. The control or adjustments are made in a self-developed graphical user interface. The demo video shows all features in detail.
SAM Rig demo video