"Cyclops" was created for the VFX pitch of a U.S. film project. The task was a authentic representation of a gigantic monster that should be integrated in a real environment. Both characters were provided with a CustomRig and fully animated with key frames. The human character in the foreground has the function of a placeholder for the real actor.
Cyclops - Action-Sequence
Preview 01 Maya
Rigging and skinning were done in Maya. Shading, lighting and rendering was carried out afterwards in finalRender in 3ds Max . As it is always the case, we start with the blocking phase.
Preview 01
Cyclops in Mudbox
The characteristic changes to the model are implemented in Mudbox. Even a majority of the textures were processed in Mudbox.
Preview 02 Max
In the course of the project, the movements are refined step by step. The comments of the director were implemented.
Preview 02
Preview Cloth Setup
After the release of the final animation, the loin cloth was provided with a cloth simulation.
Anaglyph Version
Stereo-Test Rendering of the final Animation (red/cyan).
3D Stereo (Anaglyph)
Yeti Version
The image of the Yeti is an adaptation of the Cyclops. For the fur we used "Hair Farm". The Yeti had the function of the lead story for the co-operation between Cyber Radiance and cebas Visual Technology.
Yeti - finalRender and Hairfarm
WIP Version
This rendering shows an early stage of production.
Yeti - early Version